1. Size and fit

What is the sizing like?

All the garments feature a relaxed unisex fit. The sizes correspond to men’s standard international sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL).

Are the garments true-to-size?

The sizes run large due to the unisex fit. As a general rule, men should select their typical size. We recommend women to go down one size for a more fitted style.

How can I find the right size?

Still not sure which size to pick? Please check the exact measurements on the size chart available on each product page and compare them to a similar garment you already own.

2. Styling and safety

What makes this a modular collection?

Each garment is highly versatile as you can wear them while working in the garden or sport them as everyday statement pieces. Almost all the products can be altered in different ways depending on the occasion or weather. Details such as pant legs or sleeves can be adjusted or detached. The tool belt, for instance, doubles as a street-ready waist bag.

Is the collection comfortable and safe to wear while gardening?

All the garments, bags and accessories are designed especially for gardening. In other words, they’re very comfortable and safe to wear while working. For example, items such as the coat, vest, pants and overalls feature reinforced, stab-resistant pockets, so that you can stash and carry your gardening tools around safely. The same goes for the carry-all bag and tool belt.

Is the collection waterproof?

All the garments except for the t-shirt are water-resistant, not waterproof, for more comfort and better breathability. The bags and accessories also resist water and moisture.

3. Care, maintenance and materials

Are the garments, bags and accessories machine-washable?

The vest, t-shirt, pants, overalls and apron can be machine-washed at 30°C (or 86°F). The hat and gilet should be hand-washed only. Do not wash the tool belt or carry-all bag; however, you may clean any stained areas with a damp cloth using water only.

How do I care for my products?

To get the most out of your beautiful new garments, bags and accessories, follow the instructions on the care labels.

What is vegan leather?

Made from apple skin, vegan leather is more sustainable with lower environmental impact than animal leather, but also easier to keep clean. ​
How are apples used in vegan leather:​

Using the cores and skins discarded from the industrial food industry, apples are puréed, spread on a solid sheet and dehydrated until almost all of the moisture has been removed. This purée turns into a flexible, leathery sheet that is then combined with polyurethane to create the vegan leather.​

4. Shopping and delivery

How do I change my shipping country? I don’t see my country on the list.

The collection is exclusively available online in selected markets: Finland, Sweden, Germany and the US. Click here to go to the US site.

Will the collection be available in stores?

This is an online exclusive collection.